Current status

All systems operational
Web server
Client server
Database server
Mail server
Steam API
Archive server

Past incidents

Jobs are being sent as usual again

We may not have found the actual reason for the error, but everything seems to be back to normal again.

Jobs being saved and marked as duplicate

We're currently investigating an issue with the Client marking the jobs as saved and then as a duplicate. However, the jobs are uploaded to the server without any issues.

Client is back

The connectivity issue has been fixed and everything should be back to normal now. Thank you for your patience.

Client went offline

The Client is currently running in offline mode too due to currently unknown issue. This will probably take a while, and we don't known the possible outcome (hopefully the offline mode will work correctly), but we're trying to fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconveniences.

Server is back

The issue with HDD has been resolved and hopefully everything is running again. Thank you for your patience.