Current status

All systems operational
Web server
Client server
Database server
Mail server
Steam API
Archive server

Past incidents

Database server is back

The database server is back. Unfortuntely the outage was caused by a drive failure on the server which resulted in a corrupted database. Although we tried to recover the corrupted data (hence such a long outage), it turned out to be impossible in the end and we were forced to use our last data backup. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to everyone who was affected by this situation. Read more information here:

Database server is down

We're currently experiencing some database server issues caused by our server provider, so our services may therefore be unavailable. You can continue delivering your jobs via Client in offline mode, they will be uploaded automatically once the issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Web online

Web server seems to be stable again.

Web offline

Our web server is currently experiencing an unknown issue. Our services may therefore be unavailable, however the Client server is still running, so you can continue delivering jobs. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Web improvements

Dear Users, more web improvements are on the way, so the web interface will be unavailable on Wednesday, December 30, 2020, from 18:00 CET. The outage will last for a few hours (the time may vary, see the Status page for more info). Please be prepared that it will not be possible to connect to the web interface at the time, however Client won't be affected. Thank you for your understanding.